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Friday, March 31, 2006

Playing Podcasts, Audiofiles on iPOD at Faster Speed

Confessions of a literate boot: "Stephen_Hunt"

So after 5 hours of trying various tricks to get my podcasts to play faster, here's the dillio:

1. You have to convert the .mp3 to .m4b
2. Unfortunately, you cannot simply change the extension on a mac (even from m4a to m4b doesn't work on a mac)
3. The whole point is to get the file into your audiobook section of your ipod. Simply changing the genre to audiobook doesdn't do jack.

1. Install Doug's "Make Bookmarkable" Applescripts for iTunes, which can be downloaded from here:
2. Convert the file from whatever format into an AAC in iTunes: Select the file in iTunes and then go to "Advanced" and then "Convert Selection..."
3. Delete the old version fo the file from your library
4. Now select the new file (.m4b) in your iTunes library, and go up to the script icon, and "Make Bookmarkable"
5. Now just drop the files into you sync list and sync your iPOD
6. The files should be in your Audiobook folder on your iPOD
7. Now go into Settings->Audiobooks->Faster

This is lesson one for all of you bookies out there, who don't have the time to actually read the books you want to read. Next lesson will be on sites to get free or cheap audiobooks...


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